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  About Sara Smiarowski
Name of the Athlete: Sara Smiarowski Sara Smiarowski
Age: 32
Birth: 01-02-1980

Sara Smiarowski from Sunderland MA, she is CPA, I started running because my brother was a runner and I would tag along with him on training runs and races. I’ve been running for probably 10 years, with some breaks here and there. She also the Race Director for MT. Toby Trail Race


1. Pre race tradition or meal?

Bagel with PB and honey

2. Favorite distance?



3. Post race celebration?

My husband is usually kind enough to meet me at the finish with lemon lime Gatorade and pretzels!

4. Brand of running shoes?

Right now I like Mizunos.

5. Best race ever?

I guess Boston 2011. Perfect weather and I ran well.

6. Favorite race in Western Mass?

I really like the Jones 10 Miler. It"s a great course with good competition.

7. Advice for new runners?

 I wouldn"t expect to win Wimbledon after one tennis lesson, so don"t be discouraged if running seems hard after a week, month, or even a year. Running takes practice too. Even though it"s a simple sport, it isn"t easy.

8. Mantra?

I like Alberto Salazaar"s mantra when things start to hurt in a race: "Stay steady, keep the pace. Stay steady, keep the faith."

9. Do you prefer AM/PM run or both?

The day goes better if I can run first thing in the morning.

10. Cross train?

I love ice climbing...can we count that as cross training?

11. Favorite running memory?

I went for a run around 6am while on vacation in Rome. I ran by St Peter"s Square and saw three priests walking around the Square and praying the rosary. I had this moment of realization that they we were all doing the same thing -- it was our quiet moment of meditation before we started our day, even though we choose to express it in different ways.

12. Inspiration to run?

Changes everyday! Sometimes it"s because I saw my neighbor in a wheelchair and I was reminded how lucky I am to be able to move my two legs. Sometimes I"m inspired to run because I ate too much ice cream!

13. A race you would love to run?


14. Favorite Quote?

"While running, the brain doesn"t get enough oxygen to sustain a falsehood." I"ve had some great conversations with friends, with strangers, and with myself during long runs.

15.Training partner?

The Coffee Cakers make the best training partners.

16 Cravings?

 I love peanut butter!

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